About Our Factory
KAB's factory was established in 1998 in Guangdong, China for production management, RD development and quality control. We own 807,293 square feet (75,000 square meters) of space and have about 2,000 employees. Because our China employees are fully equipped with machinery for copper extrusion, wire bunching, cabling, plastic injection and plug molding, we able to produce top quality products to satisfy customers' needs. We have an excellent Industrial Design department who always has innovative ideas to help lead our products in a positive direction. Aside from the Industrial Design department, our Quality Control department also has outstanding professionalism. They double and triple check to make sure that every product made from the KAB factory will be up to highest standard for our consumers. Persistence and unfazed determination is an important highlight of our factory and we are very proud of each factory employee for their role in the development and making of all KAB products.